Future-Proofing Your Fleet: The Rise of Smart Trailers and Telematics Technology

April 4, 2023

Fleets need to know where their assets are and how they are doing at all times. This means adding smart technology that connects individual assets to the larger operation. Fleets are familiar with some smart features like tire inflation system monitoring or GPS sensors. Industry experts note that the buy-in from fleets to adopt more trailer connectivity technology is on the rise. Phillips Connect anticipates that in the next three years, 7 out of every 10 new trailers will include some form of telematics. Smart trailers will need to be part of fleets’ decision-making now. Starting small with TPMS is a great way to begin saving, but as technology continues to quickly evolve, it’s never been more important to future-proof your fleet to set yourself up for future success. Read more here.

Is It Time for Smart Trailer Adoption? | Fleetowner. https://www.fleetowner.com/equipment/article/21260012/is-it-time-for-smart-trailer-adoption.

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