Big Ships, Big Storage: How the Arrival of Giant Containers Impacts the Portable Storage Industry

May 11, 2023

The arrival of the largest container ship at the Jacksonville Port, along with the deepening of the harbor, has the potential to impact the portable storage industry. The increased capacity of the larger vessels means more goods can be transported, leading to potential growth in demand for container storage solutions. The efficiency gained from larger ships unloading more containers can drive the need for temporary storage until distribution. The infrastructure investment and expansion of trade routes may attract new shipping lines, creating opportunities for the portable storage industry. Overall, the impact on the industry will depend on factors such as trade volume growth, Jaxport's competitiveness, and the ability of storage providers to adapt to changing demands efficiently. Learn more here.

Wills, Kim Link. “JAXPORT Welcomes Largest Container Ship to Call.” FreightWaves,

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